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International Mayab Buddy Program

Welcome to Merida, your new best friend is awaiting for you.

The International Mayab Buddy Program pairs you with carefully selected Anahuac Mayab students, who will offer their help whenever you need it, and will be among your first friends in the University. You'll see that they can make a world of difference for you, now that you are about to arrive. Join the Program!

Communication before your arrival

The Anahuac Mayab University has created, for your benefit, the "International Mayab Buddy Program," comprised of students who are studying their degree with us and who will accompany you during your stay in Merida. Even before you arrive, you Mayab Buddy will contact you to orientate you in relation to questions you might have about the city and the university.

Your Buddy will receive you on arrival at the airport or bus station, and help you find the right accommodation according to your needs *.

If you decide to participate in the International Mayab Buddy Program, we are committed to:

  • Being with you at all times to support you, both at the University and in aspects of daily life.
  • Find you a good place to stay for as long as you're in the exchange program.
  • Help with any problems (migration, housing, academic) provided it is in our hands.
  • Prepare various cultural, social and sporting activities (hiking, festivals, tournaments, etc).
  • Share with you our culture, our city and our customs.

* You must notice your Mayab Buddy previous to your arrival.


We welcome you upon your arrival. 

Either at the airport or at the bus terminal.
To prepare your arrival, your Mayab Buddy must know in detail:

  • The flight or bus information you will take to get to Mérida.
  • Will you be arriving by plane or bus?
  • After receiving you, your Mayab Buddy will accompany you to the hotel / hostel / residence or place where you will spend the first nights in our city.

Information to consider when you arrive:

  • If you arrive at the airport in Cancun you will have to find a way to get to our city. The International Mayab Buddy can guide you on how you can get to Mérida from the airport of Cancun.
  • If you do not want to be received upon your arrival, it is important that you do some research about the means of transportation to get to the city from the airport / station and about your access the Anahuac Mayab University.



We offer help and advice throughout your stay

The International Office through the International Mayab Buddy Program accompanies the exchange students to find accommodation according to their preferences and needs.

We organize various cultural, social and sports activities

We want you to have the best experience in Merida and for that reason, throughout the semester, you are invited to cultural and social activities that we organize for you.


Our University does not have a student residence service or a dorms. However, we have available a hosting portfolio for exchange students or visitors.

The International Buddy Program will guide you on:

  • The most recommended areas to find lodging in the city.
  • The possibilities of accommodation: Rent of apartment or house, House or Department shared with students, stays with families.
  • The approximate rental costs.
  • Hotels for the first days 

We recommend that you search for permanent accommodation once you have arrived in Mérida, so you should look for a temporary accommodation upon arrival.

Below we give a list of hostels for your consideration:

www.nomadastravel.com (many exchange students have chosen this option in previous semesters).

If you do not decide on any of these, we recommend you to find a hotel or hostel in the city center, which besides being cheaper, have more accessible transportation in terms of taxis, buses and the "Destino Anahuac" bus to the University.

Here are some links for information on hotels in the city: