Anahuac Mayab University Educational Model

The Anahuac Mayab University seeks to train professional leaders with great human qualities, that work every day to generate positive change in their environment.

We believe in the integral formation of our students and that is why we work with an educational model that seeks spiritual, human, social, intellectual and professional development.

The integral formation that the university offers is mainly focused on the development of ten important axes, that strengthen the development of the students:

  • A vision motivated by the dignity and centrality of the human person.
  • A profoundly human and social vision of the profession.
  • A strong moral education.
  • A critical view of cultural development.
  • An ultimate meaning of life.
  • Convinced knowledge and experience of their own faith.
  • A profound belief that human reason is capable of knowing the truth.
  • Excellent professional education.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • An ability to influence and lead.